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The NHPRS thanks all our sponsors and partners for their support!


Diamond Level Sponsor

The Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada (NHPRS) wishes to officially acknowledge the very significant and continued support of ISURA to the activities of the Society.

ISURA is an outstanding organization. Indeed, it was instated as the only Canadian not-for-profit center for the evaluation and certification of natural health products (NHPs), raw foods and supplements with the aim to advocate for high quality and accountability in this important global sector. This remarkable posture resonates entirely with the mission of the Society, which is to promote scientifically rigorous research and education on NHPs, develop a national multi-sector research community, and support national research priorities that enable the informed and appropriate use of NHPs.

The NHPRS is proud and honored to work alongside with ISURA to help raise the bar in the NHP field and thus ensure that Canadian consumers have access to the best quality products to rely on for their health and wellbeing.

Platinum Level Sponsor

Silver Level Sponsor

Bronze Level Sponsor



2019 (Edmonton, AB): Growing NHPs for the Future
2018 (Guelph, ON): Innovation at the NHP/Food Interface
2017 (Vancouver, BC): Beyond Tradition
2016 (Charlottetown, PEI): From idea through commercialization: Filling the gap in Natural Product Research and Development
2015 (London, ON): Convergence, Multi-Sector Integration for Advancing Transdisciplinary NHP R&D
2014 (Kelowna, BC): A Shifting Cultural Landscape of Natural Health Products
2013 (Windsor, Ontario): The Best of Both Worlds - Tradition and Modern Approaches
2012 (Kelowna, BC): Reflections
2011 (Montreal, QC): Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Therapeutics

2010 (Halifax, NS): The Next Wave
2009 (Vancouver, BC): Gateway to Wellness
2008 (Toronto, ON): Science Across Borders
2007 (Saskatoon, SK): Tradition to Technology
2006 (Edmonton, AB): Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice - A Scientific Symposium
2006 (Toronto, ON): From Concept to Consumer
2005 (Vancouver, BC): Integrating Basic & Clinical Research
2004 (Montreal, QC): Building Bridges Between Government, Academic & Industry NHP Researchers