Journal of Natural Health Product Research

The Journal of Natural Health Product Research (JNHPR) was launched in 2018 in response to the rapidly growing interest in natural health products (NHPs) among researchers and scientists. NHP Publications, the publisher of the JNHPR, is a publishing company supported in part by the Federal Government of Canada. The JNHPR accepts research articles focussed on NHPs; the publication’s broad scope serves multiple purposes, allowing NHP researchers from multiple disciplines to publish their work on a platform that provides rigorous, peer-reviewed feedback regardless of whether their expertise lies in laboratory science, clinical epidemiology, sociology, health policy or any other NHP-related discipline.


In 2019, the JNHPR became the official journal of the NHPRS, following the formation of a mutual partnership that aims to support the publication and dissemination of high quality natural health product research in Canada and internationally. NHPRS Board Members support the journal with many serving as editors, editorial board members, peer-reviewers, and authors. Every year the NHPRS conference is held in a different Canadian city, and the journal features the event and publishes the conference abstract book.


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