The NHPRS thanks all our sponsors and partners for their support!


The NHPRS is currently seeking sponsors at all levels for the 2023 conference in Montreal, Quebec.  This is both the first in-person event in several years, as well as a celebration of 20 years of the society's presence and activity in Canada, and as such will be an excellent opportunity for engagement and collaboration!

Diamond Level Sponsor - ISURA


Gold Level Sponsor

Sponsorship Available

Silver Level Sponsor

Alkemist Labs

Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA)

Hecht Foundation

Bronze Level Sponsor

St. Francis Herb Farm

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Phytothera Inc.

The NHPRS relies on the support of numerous individuals and organizations in order to continue promoting and disseminating strong research into natural health products for Canada and the international community.  For many years now, our strongest supporter has been the team at ISURA, for which we are immensely grateful.  ISURA is currently Canada's only independent, not-for-profit natural health product supplement and food product verification and certification organization.  We would like to recognize their excellence in analytical competence and to thank them personally for the consistency of their support and friendship to the NHPRS.


Our conference this year could not be made possible without the wonderful support of many other organizations, including Alkemist Labs, The Canadian Health Food Organization, The Hecht Foundation, St. Francis Herb Farm, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.  Thank you!


2023 (Montreal, QC):  New Frontiers in NHP Research - Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation
2022 (Online): 
Food Derived NHPs in Health and Disease
2021 (Online): 
Canada and the Changing Global NHP Landscape
2019 (Edmonton, AB):
 Growing NHPs for the Future
2018 (Guelph, ON): Innovation at the NHP/Food Interface
2017 (Vancouver, BC): Beyond Tradition
2016 (Charlottetown, PEI): From idea through commercialization: Filling the gap in Natural Product Research and Development
2015 (London, ON): Convergence, Multi-Sector Integration for Advancing Transdisciplinary NHP R&D
2014 (Kelowna, BC): A Shifting Cultural Landscape of Natural Health Products
2013 (Windsor, Ontario): The Best of Both Worlds - Tradition and Modern Approaches
2012 (Kelowna, BC): Reflections

2011 (Montreal, QC):Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Therapeutics
2010 (Halifax, NS):
The Next Wave
2009 (Vancouver, BC): Gateway to Wellness
2008 (Toronto, ON): Science Across Borders
2007 (Saskatoon, SK): Tradition to Technology
2006 (Edmonton, AB): Natural Health Products in Clinical Practice - A Scientific Symposium
2006 (Toronto, ON): From Concept to Consumer
2005 (Vancouver, BC): Integrating Basic & Clinical Research
2004 (Montreal, QC): Building Bridges Between Government, Academic & Industry NHP Researchers