Growing NHPs for the Future
Opening   Sunday, May 26th, 2019
4:00 PM Early Registration
Tradeshow Set Up
6:00 PM Opening Reception
Welcome by NHPRS President - Dr. Paula Brown 
Plenary Lecture
Dr. Raymond Andersen, Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia
"Biologically Active Natural Products:  Discovery, SAR and Interactions with Protein Targets"
Day 1   Monday, May 27th, 2019
8:30 AM Traditional Blessing
9:00 AM Opening Plenary: Dr. Leroy Little Bear
University of Lethbridge, Officer of the Order of Canada
"Rethinking our Science:  Blackfoot Metaphysics Waiting in the Wings"
  10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Panel:  The Role of Indigenous Science in NHP Research
Moderator:  Pierre Haddad; Université de Montréal
Dr. Leroy Little Bear
Elder, Elmer Ghostkeeper
Elder, Hazel McKennitt
  12:00 PM Lunch & Poster Session (Student Poster Judging 12:20-1:30)
1:30 PM Showcase:  Industry-Academia Partnerships to Advance Research
Moderator:  Margurite Thiessen; Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
This session will feature short talks and a Q & A panel to highlight how partnerships can advance research to benefit both the company and academic partner.  These relationships provide for interesting new opportunities for students, while bringing innovative solutions to companies.
  3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Student  3MT® Competition    
Moderator:  Roy Golsteyn, University of Lethbridge
The Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada is continuing with its traditional 3MT® competition at our Edmonton annual conference.  In 3 minutes, Canada’s up and coming natural product scientists are going to tell you about their exciting research and why it matters.  
Consistent with the fast pace of science and sound-bite approach to social media, 11 students and trainees have 3 minutes to convince you and our distinguished judges about their research.  In addition, the 3MT® presenters get an opportunity to capture our attention at the competition and later join them for the full story at the poster presentations through the conference.  
We thank our 11 selected presenters, our judges, and you, the conference participants, who will be the first to hear next big topic in Natural Product research, all in 3 minutes.
Our 3MT® Presenters:
Azadeh Aghashahi, University of Alberta
Idaresit Ekaette, University of Alberta
Raquel Razzera Huerta, University of Alberta
Zeenat Ladak, University of Alberta
Zixiang Liu, University of Alberta
Jeremy Y. Ng, McMaster University
Nuntika Prommee, Thammasat University, Pathumthani, Thailand
Carla Valdivieso Ramirez, University of Alberta
Caleb Vegh, University of Windsor
Darcy Wear, University of Windsor
Stepheny Zani, University of Alberta
  4:30 AM Open Poster Session (Refreshments Provided)
    Student Poster Judging 4:30-6:00
6:00 PM Day 2 Ends
Day 2    Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
8:30 AM NHPRS Announcements
Welcome by Conference Program Commmittee
9:00 AM Opening Plenary 
Moderator:  Dr. Marleny D. A. Saldaña, University of Alberta
Connie Kehler; Herb, Spice and Specialty Agriculture Association
"Canada’s GACP Program Meets EU and Health Standards for Cannabis"
Maria Angela A. Meireles; University of Campinas, Brazil
"Processing Innovations – Sustainable Production of Bio-actives Using the Mini-biorefinery Concept"
  10:00 AM Break
  10:30 AM Concurrent Sessions
Session 1:  Advances in Processing Technology  & Product Innovations
Chair:  Branka Barl, NRC-IRAP
10:30 Processing with Pressurized Fluid Systems: Natural Health Products
Marleny D. A.  Saldaña, University of Alberta
10:50 Cranberry Pomace: A Feedstock for the Recovery of Antioxidants Using Sub/supercritical Fluids
Jasreen Sekhon, Drexel University, Philadelphia
11:10 Novel Protein-lipid Composite Nanoparticles as Delivery Systems of Hydrophilic Nutraceutical Compounds
Lingyun Chen, University of Alberta
11:30 Zapping Natural Products – How Microwave Extraction Can Improve Extraction Efficiencies
Steve Jakeway, Radient Technologies Inc.
11:45 Using Six Sigma Method to Verify Quality Systems Can Improve Product Outcomes 
Rebecca Robertson, BC Institute of Technology
Session 2:  Cardiovascular Health & Inflammation
Chair:  Cory Harris, University of Ottawa
10:30 Food Proteins as a Source of Bioactive Peptides Against Cardiovascular Diseases
Jianping Wu, University of Alberta
11:00 Beneficial Effects of Functional peptides from Food Proteins
Traj Nibber, Orthomolecular Research
11:30 Foods that Fight Inflammation
Bob Nayak, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  12:00 PM Lunch & AGM
  1:30 PM Concurrent Sessions
Session 3:  Plant Production & Sustainable Practices
Chair:  Lorrie McFadden, AAFC
1:30 An Integrated Approach for Harvesting Natal plum for Quality and Functional Compounds  
Dharini Sivakumar, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria
1:50 Flower Development in Medicinal Plants
Soheil Mahmoud, University of British Columbia
2:10 Rhodiola rosea - Sustainable Production of an Endangered Adaptogen
Nelda Radford
2:30 Phytochemical Comparisons of Oplopanax horridus (Devil’s Club) to Guide Sustainable Harvesting
Hazrah Moothoo, BC Institute of Technology
2:45 The Sustainable Production of Raw Materials for NHPs
Jan V. Slama, ISURA
Session 4:  Role of NHPs in Pain Management & Mental Health
Chair:  Susan Murch, University of British Columbia
1:30 Analgesic Activity for Peripheral Pain by Echinacea extracts is Partially Mediated through the Endocannabinoid System
Thor Arnason, University of Ottawa
2:00 Exploring Panax ginseng as a Modulator of Epigenetics Signaling  in Augmenting Negative and Depressive symptoms in Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia: Preliminary Results of Multi-site RCT Study
Allison Foskett, University of Alberta
2:30 NHPs & Cannabis for Anxiety & Mental Health: A Practitioner Perspective
Chris Spooner, Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine
  3:00 PM Break
  3:30 PM Concurrent Sessions
Session 5:  Commercialization & Regulation of  NHPs
Chair:  James Griffiths, Council for Responsible Nutrition
3:30 Product Innovation and the Proposed Self-Care Regulatory Framework
Matthew Bown, NNHPD, Health Canada
4:00 Not All Pathways To Licensing Are Straightforward: The Story Of Thyrodine®
Sharan Sidhu
4:15 Cannabidiol (CBD) in the Regulatory Framework of Self-Care Consumer Health Products
Adrian Rodriguez, Cannabis Compliance
4:30 Session Close
Session 6:  Traditional Medicine & CAM
3:30 The Evolution of Basic & Clinical Research on NHPs - A 20 year perspective
Mary Hardy, Wellness Works
3:50 Could Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics Underlie the "Gift" of Traditional Practitioners Using NHPs?
Pierre Haddad, Université de Montréal
4:10 Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Paediatric ADHD: Clinical and Pre-clinical Considerations
Cory Harris, University of Ottawa
4:30 Session Close
  6:00 PM PM Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony
Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Sunita Vohra;  Centennial Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta
Presentation of the Neil Towers "Pride of Burma" Award to our 2019 recipient
Day 3    Wednesday, May 29th, 2019
8:30 AM The NHPRS Neil Tower's Award Lecture
The Neil Towers "Pride of Burma" award was established by the NHPRS in 2012 in honour of Dr. G.H. Neil Towers, an ethnobotanist, plant chemist, brilliant teacher and accomplished researcher.  Recipients have made significant contributions to natural products research, regulation and commercialization in Canada and worldwide.  The 2019 Award winner will be announced at the Gala Dinner.
9:15 AM Plenary:  Dr. Thor Arnason, University of Ottawa
"Botanicals for Anxiety, and the Mystery of the Ancient Maya Tablet at Nimli Punit"
  10:00 AM Break
  10:30 AM Concurrent Sessions
Session 7:  Cancer & NHPs
Dr. Rogers Prize 
10:30 AM Inhalable Nanoparticles for Treating Lung Cancer
Raimar Löbenberg, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta
11:00 AM Prairie Plants as Sources of Natural Products with Scientific and Medicinal Interest
Roy Golsteyn, University of Lethbridge
11:30 AM Is There a Role for Bioactive Oils in the Treatment of Breast Cancer?
Catherine Field, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta
Session 8:  Advances in Natural Product Research & Quality Standards
Chair:  Thor Arnason, University of Ottawa
10:30 AM Metabolomics-Guided Food Ingredient Discovery
Susan Murch, University of British Columbia
11:00 AM The Antibiotic Activities Characterized in Alberta Prairie Plants
Sophie Kernéis, Lethbridge College
11:15 AM Statistical Hypothesis Testing in Biological Research
Bob Nyak, Winnipeg, Manitoba
11:30 AM Case Study in Identification of Adulterants in Herbal Products through Multi-disciplinary Methods
Chuck Chang, ISURA
11:45 AM Recent Advances in DNA Authentication of Herbal Supplements
Natalia Ivanova, University of Guelph
  12:00 PM Conference Close